Play Scorpion Solitaire Online

Starting the game and the rules of running online games

The game starts with 49 cards arranged in seven columns of seven cards on the table. The first four columns have three holes, and the top four columns have three holes. The cards in the other three columns are face up. We will put the remaining three cards aside for later:

  • The cards in the online game are sorted by color, and each face-up card can be played regardless of its position in the column;
  • This means that any card can be placed on a card of a higher rank;
  • As soon as the bottom or middle card of a column is moved, all top cards are also moved in one piece. Nothing can be placed on the ace and only kings or sequences with kings as top cards can be placed on the table;
  • As soon as an open tab is opened, it is turned over.

If no further moves are possible, the remaining three cards from the first three columns are dealt and put into play.

As mentioned before, the object of the game is to place the four colored pillars from King to Ace. Therefore, when such a pillar is successfully built, it often stays alone if it is not facing downwards.

The game is won when the goal is achieved.

Scorpion Solitaire inherits the traditions of classic solitaire and follows the same rules as normal solitaire

By immersing yourself in the game, you will learn to think strategically and develop logic. Your goal: collect all four suits, from king to ace, and clear the field of cards. On the screen you will see a group of 36 cards that need to be disassembled and inserted. The position of a card can only be changed if another card is of the same suit and has a higher rank. When the game is successful, empty cells will be created from time to time, which can be used to hold any or part of the card. After the suit is completely assembled, it will be automatically brought to your home. A lot of luck!

The forty-nine cards are arranged in seven rows of seven as follows: in the first three rows on the left, four cards are face-down and three cards are face-up, in the remaining four rows, all cards are face-up. There are three placeholder cards face-down on the left side.